Seni Qanasuri


Hi everyone…1stly thank you so much for visiting my page.

I’m Sue, a house wife from Sg Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia. This site is all about sharing my hobby and passion about a simple and easy handmade crafts of mine with people out there . I think, my site is perfect for anyone who simply love craft and arts.

If you interested to place your order or wanted to have more details on my product, please email me personally and include in things that u need to know more.

And I will always welcome any comments, suggestions and even critics in order to improve this site’s presentation in future and my products as well. So, I wish you have a nice cloudless day and let’s craft!

Happy viewing! Thank you again and take care!


7 thoughts on “Seni Qanasuri

  1. wahh bagusnye sue dah buat website & bisnes..
    semoga sukses & berjaya! cantik2 deco bekas2 tu..
    taktau plak sue ni ada bakat kraf ni.. ganbatte

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