Kanzashi Flowers

My very first Kanzashi!

Seronok betul bila berjaya buat nie…sebab my first trial buat nie x menjadi…

raya2009 100

raya2009 075

Soft coloured cotton fabric with yellow button


raya2009 076

Kanzashi with artificial flower stamens and white beads


raya2009 073

Kanzashi with artificial flower stamens


Kanzashi can be used as a brooch, a ribbon neck tie, choker, back to its origin, hair accessories or anything else you can think of ♥

So kalau interested can be customized. Different fabric prints available. Email me for enquiries♥

BTW…apa itu Kanzashi??

Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Kanzashi first appeared when women abandoned the traditional taregami hairstyle where the hair was kept straight and long, and adopted beautiful-crazy and intricate coiffures. These days kanzashi are most often worn by brides and geisha.

Surf internet pasal kanzashi nie mesti akan nampak buku nie…aaaa…kat msia ader jual tak ekk…ader la dpt selak2 skit page buku nie dlm beberapa website tp x fully bleh ngk la…but the basic rase2 memang dah betul dah 😀 Making different sizes of flowers is as easy as varying the size of the fabric square, but the little ones are a bit fiddly, especially with thicker fabrics. Kalau x sabar mungkin malas kot nak buat kanzashi nie…but they are definitely worth looking at.


p/s to en hubby : Ima ichibann hoshi mononandaaaaaaaaa!!!! 😀


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