More Kanzashi Flowers :D

Kali nie try gabungkan 2 jenis fabric untuk buat satu bunga kanzashi…cotton and satin…dan saya sangat sukaaaaa sebab menjadi…sedang buatkan untuk my sis kanzashi brooch dan kanzashi yg bleh ditempek kat her plain tote bag yg baru dia beli…

Like to order one of these beauts? Want one in a specific color, size, and style? Email me for enquiries♥

raya2009 086

raya2009 096Peachy peach≈ RM3

raya2009 088Green tea RM3

raya2009 101

Red cotton bloom RM2

raya2009 077

Green cotton bloom with green faux pearl ≈ RM2

raya2009 090

Simple blue cotton bloom with red simple button≈ RM2

There are a few examples coming soon , but flowers may be added to any size elastic, or any type of accessory, including (but not limited to!) headbands, bobby pins, combs, and barretts. Flowers come in any size from 1″ to infinity! Colors are infinite too. Stay posted for more of these!

All the of the kanzashi pictured here are all handmade by me. (^_^)


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