Miniature Favor Pail & Gift Buckets

Fill these adorable pails with small treats, flower petals, seeds, shells, potpourri, or practically any favor filler and at the same time bring a decorative touch to reception tables.Another idea is to add a tea light candle to create a romantic favor that’s suitable for just about any setting. Even after their initial purpose, this exquisite pails is also handy for neatly storing jewelry, coins, paper clips or many other items.

The miniature buckets are available in white,  silver, gold, blue, green, brown, purple.


2 thoughts on “Miniature Favor Pail & Gift Buckets

  1. Hello,

    Would just like to enquire about your mini favour pails. Are they still available and if so would you have them in white? I’d also need to know the dimensions (I’m looking for a particular size) and price for about 1000 pieces.


  2. Hi,
    May I know how big is your mini favour pails? How much is the cost? Would b great if you can contact with regards to my enquiry..

    Thank you,

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